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Local Roof Repair – and Replacements Guaranteed for 50 Years!

Don’t waste your time shopping around while your property loses value! Our contractors have years of experience – meaning you get the best roof repairs possible every time.

Every member of our company values your time and resources above all else. You can trust that we’ll be capable of working with both your time and schedule while completing your repair.


Honest, Knowledgeable Contractors!

Of course there’s other local services in this area however you’ll only find the amazing 50 year guarantee with us – We know the area and the best ways to handle storm damage!

What Our Roofers Promise and Guarantee:

evaluating repair costs
  • Full Service – we’re all you’ll need
  • Fast Service that works with your schedule
  • Roof insulation and integrity inspections with all repairs
  • Affordable contractors with flexible options
  • Honest billing to clarify the cost of roofing


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Cost of Roof Repairs

When it comes to pricing and your re-installation cost, we strive to be as transparent as possible with our clients. There’s nothing more frustrating than a repair or replacement costing much more than initially bid. With our contractors, you’ll get itemized price estimates, honest discussions about your options, and a generous project bid. We’d rather our customers spend less than they expected instead of low ball our bids!

Roofing construction can be tackled as exactly as lab experimentation. When customers ask “how much does a new roof cost?“, we expect our teams to be able to answer accurately and quickly. Taking the time to walk every structure we work on ensures there’s no room for error in our estimates. Other companies might accept every job their offered right away, we’ve found taking the extra steps to bring maximum satisfaction is always worth it.

Pricing isn’t the only precision component of our business affairs. The techniques and tools we use trump the competition – as anyone with even minor knowledge of this industry can tell from the results you’ll find around town. Every member of our teams carries themselves with a sense of pride knowing that they’re bringing the best possible results to each and every one of our job sites.

Understanding the Questions of: How Much Does It Cost to Replace A Roof?

The cost of roof fanned dollar billsreplacement varies so much that the question of pricing in this industry is virtually impossible to answer without inspecting the structure(s) to be worked upon. Commercial properties come with a whole different host of regulations and rules than residential areas, simply changing this factor (without altering anything else about the job) can drastically skyrocket or plummet the price-tag on a contract.

Another major factor to consider when attempting to determine a roof replacement cost would be the materials utilized in the contract. Metal material, for example, offer great value. There’s other solutions that are just as effective, but simply cost more to produce and/or install.

Clay tiles are a commonly used material that costs a little more. Solar panels also have loads of other expenses than traditional roof materials, but of course come with the long term benefit of saving you money on the light bill.

As you can tell, when a customer asks “How much does a new roof cost?”, its not such a straightforward question. At least, not without a little background about what that client needs!

Emergency Roof Leak Repair Services

Owning property in these parts comes with the carefree presence from the beach and UNCW. Living this close to the coast comes with its downsides- one of them being the often need for roof leak repairs, especially after hurricanes.

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The tropical storms that ravage through this region year after year definitely raises the bar for enterprising service groups working on the exteriors of structures. It takes much more than a pickup truck and an LLC license to start a business in our trade here in North Carolina. Education, training, top notch equipment, and a heightened sense of professionalism and level headed-ness to even stand a chance here, not to mention what’s required if you plan on competing with some of the top contracting companies in the area.

Each of the roofing companies tackle leaks differently, our approach involves prioritizing your leak above simple installation or insulation contracts. The truth is that a leaks can devalue a property just as drastically as fire or floods – needless to say we take these phone calls seriously.

When you call our licensed contractors with a leak, they’ll be there asap. Depending on the intensity of the leak, you may be risking your health simply by staying in the structure in question. Starting with a quick survey of the property, they’ll determine how swiftly the leak can be stopped, what steps can be immediately taken, and of course how much everything will end up costing you.

Learn More About Different Materials

We pride ourselves in keeping our website chalk full of details about the different supplies our contractors utilize in their jobs throughout town. If you’re curious about some of the other materials our contractors utilize in their installations or repairs, check out some of these other pages on our site.

Our site features fully detailed pages for each of these following types of materials and techniques:

Aside from just the materials themselves, the pages here will detail how the materials install, what sort of structures the roofs might be compatible with, and what conditions suit which options. Our team prides itself in extended knowledge bases that allow for a level of adaptability and customization that other local contractors simply can’t compete with.

For Further Details/Inquiries

Keeping each of our clientsquestions about roofing repairs informed about our business methods has remained a goal of our contractors since the inception of this agency. The clearest, most direct source of information will always be through the contractor that’s working on your house or business.

Each worker in this business undergoes training, apprenticeship, and testing – regardless of their past experience. While rigorous, this screening process ensures we literally cannot offer anything except the most satisfactory outcome for our clients.

There’s no obstacle they’l have trouble with. Gabble, rubber, shingles, trusses, insulation, thatched, gambrel… you get the idea. By ensuring our contracted service providers have all the knowledge any of our customers could ever need, we’re able to promise the best service every time.


If, however, you find yourself curious about some dimension of your roofing repair or replacement, feel free to give us a call any time to discuss how everything works. Our operators love directing any client where they need to go, providing them with the information they request, or talking over any element of what our business does.