3 Marketing Methods For Contractors

For local remodeling, siding, and roofing contractors, time spent on marketing can take away from valuable hours on the job. If you’re leading crews, taking calls, and hammering shingles – making time to research modern marketing techniques might seem impossible.

Not knowing will cost you money!

Even if you choose to outsource your digital marketing efforts, it pays to understand how the advertising companies use your resources. Avoid overpaying for middle men, try these three modern marketing methods for your roofing business:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has remained an essential marketing technique for small businesses since the dawn of Google’s popularity.

With the right approach, any mom and pop LLC can leverage the internet for cheap leads on new customers or clients. To an inexperienced internet user, the amount of info out there about the different technologies can be completely overwhelming.

Don’t stress.

Stick to the basics when it comes to SEO. Research each item on this list and implement necessary changes to your website. If you don’t manage your roofing website, schedule a meeting with your webmaster to ensure each of these dimensions are covered so you can get the maximum exposure to your site from SEO.

  • Keyword implementation (URLs, titles, alt descriptions, et cetera
  • Social media signals
  • Citations listing your name, address, and phone number
  • SEO friendly links from authority sites

Researching these topics will give you a few starting points to begin optimization of your site. Updating your blog regularly will help as well!

Online Reviews

To build trust with your potential customers, having a great display of online reviews on different sites beats referrals for widespread exposure any day of the week.

What’s more, online reviews will boost your site’s chances of ranking well in the search engines!

It’s important to not only have lots of reviews, but also to have the right proportion of good to bad reviews.

Typically, customers don’t leave positive reviews. When someone pays for a service, they expect good results – so going out of their way to leave a review isn’t in their standard operating procedure!

A great way to get more positive customer experiences online? Carry business card style reminders to pass to customers so that they’ll remember to leave a great review of your business. Include URLs of Yelp or Angie’s List or whichever site you’re after reviews on.

In addition, depending on your invoicing process, you could offer complete and satisfied customers a cash back or discount after confirming that they’ve left you a review. The positive business feedback might very well be worth the small hit in revenue!

3. Google Adwords

For businesses looking for online tech leverage without a huge time investment, Adwords offers you the opportunity to get visitors to your site fast.

With an online ad campaign (there’s other options aside from Adwords), you’re typically paying for each click to your website. Because of this, its important to consider your website’s design and conversion orientation before blowing a bunch of cash on ads.

Be sure your phone number grabs your visitors attention with visibility focused colors and placements. Its crucial that if you’re spending money for site visitors, you’re getting the most for your clicks!

Running an ad campaign doesn’t take any technical skills. You’ll just need some insight as your site runs to try different settings throughout the year.

Check out this video to get started with your first ad campaign:

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