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Our team members love being able to cater to the clientele that want to learn more about the industry, the techniques employed, and the materials used. If at any point before, during, or after your metal roof installation or repair you find yourself with questions, we strongly suggest sitting down with or calling up the contractor you’ve been working with. They’ll know the most useful and related information to relay!

To anyone seeking further reading, we’ve compiled the basics below. Don’t hesitate to call us up about anything and check out these articles from some of our favorite online resources:

Understanding Price Points

When it comes to estimate value explainedcomprehension of either your estimate or your final bill, we want the clearest, most straightforward solutions for you. There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re on a budget for a project and the invoice statement comes unclear, un-itemized, or otherwise unfair to the client’s perception. Our team prides itself on providing simple and readable sales checks that detail materials, labor costs, and so forth. If there’s ever an issue with the billing process of your repair or installation, give your contractor or our offices a call!

That being said, there’s dozens of components at play when pricing a contract. Everything from the location of the structure to the risks involved factor into an estimate. We can explain a bit of that here, but strongly suggest calling someone if you’ve got a particular question or concern.

Types of Metal Roofing

The different styles, materials, and installation techniques contained in each type of roofing provide an immediate snapshot appraisal of the costs involved in a particular contract. The installation complexity often accounts for the greatest portion of a given invoice, as this determines the scale and skill level of the labor required. While the type of material counts for much of the bill, most clients will find labor costs as the biggest item.

For some techniques used to install these roofs, not much maintenance or structural preparation require high labor fees, and the customer gets left with what is basically a receipt from the contractor’s supplier. This is an often overlooked advantage of metal – a majority of the installations don’t require many man hours or advanced technical skill, meaning much lower costs for everyone.

A huge upside to metal: there’s countless different types to choose from. The distinct combinations of durability, aesthetic characters, and price variances give you options galore. With most other materials you don’t get nearly as many options.

Wilmington Roofing’s Prices

Geographic area and specific city locations also determine a portion of the bill. Wilmington NC has some weather related circumstances that call for a geo specific knowledge level when building or repairing structural exteriors. Annual hurricanes mean wind levels here demand the attention of any property owner wanting to hold their current levels of market value.

For roofers in any area, local knowledge comes in handy and often requires provincial action. Truss support, height restrictions, and even appearance standards restrict certain roofing materials and practices in specified regions. Some differences in prices across the country or even state can be accounted for with differences in taxes and building codes.

An Investment to be Sure

The initial costs of properly installed corrugated metal roofs may often be heftier than a traditional asphalt installation – however, because of the durability and hands off upkeep of metal, they prove to be a great, money saving investment for many home and business owners. Another aspect that saves them money? Metal reflects much of the solar energy that hits a home, saving loads on the monthly power bill. You’ll also never have to fear your roof bursting into flames as a result of lightening striking.

Aside from lightening, alloy panels provide resistance to other elements as well. While snow might not be the biggest concern here in Southeastern NC, these roofs handle it exceptionally well. Their lightweight, so your trusses won’t fracture under stress of huge snowdrifts. Wooden cabins in the wilderness and remote areas employ these roofs regularly – you don’t need to reinforce the structure like with slate, the installation takes little time, and the architects have many more options when it comes to choosing the pitch of the roof.

Copper Roofing Durability

For a percentage of homeowners, longevity and durability become the highest concern when browsing for exterior components. Wilmington clients have found huge levels of satisfaction with copper, steel, and aluminum roofs because of this. They provide something that takes the test of time and passes repeatedly throughout the decades.

For countless business owners and commercial property brokers, a corrugated roof provides the ideal balance of appearance, longevity, and maintenance. When you own a business, structure integrity and repairs shouldn’t be a concern. Corrugated roofing allows you to focus on the inside of your company without worry. Often this style acts as its own gutter, meaning you won’t even waste time or money cleaning those during Autumn.

Most professionals will suggest replacing traditional asphalt every 20 years. In comparison, these alloy cast pieces only need replacing after thirty, and up to 80, years of average use! Its truly the ideal option for customers wanting minimal upkeep hassles.