When to Call Professional Roofers

Depending roof inspections in wilmingtonupon how much you know about your home and the way its built, you might need a professional roof inspection sooner than your do-it-yourself neighbor. For most homeowners, their homes’ structural health doesn’t come up in conversation until something has failed drastically.

Typically, there’s no need to give the framing, shingles, or infrastructure of your home a passing thought. If its built well, inspected regularly, and working properly, that’s all good and well. There’s a few things you can look out for, and a few simple protocols to take, that will ensure the lowest overhead on your home’s maintenance.

Obvious Solutions for Obvious Problems

In the case of experiencing drastic failure and not having the skills and tools to make repairs, you clearly will need to call a professional roofer.

If its an emergency or something urgent, stick to calling the bigger companies in your area. They’ll have the man hours and flexibility to complete the job as soon as possible. Lots of the smaller one man style operations are booked up and don’t have the scheduling capacity to handle emergency repairs in a timely manner.

Obvious problems would be observable to someone without any formal knowledge of roofing. These problems include:

  • Bowing or warping
  • Missing/broken shingles
  • Leaking ceilings
  • Water damage and molds
  • Exposed beams or framing

It doesn’t take a professional to notice these issues. If you don’t know how to proceed with fixing it yourself, then you will need a pro to come help you out. Not every roofing related problem requires a huge company, find the best contractor for your comfort unless there’s an emergency.

Regular Inspections = Lower Home Overhead

Different circumstances call for different frequencies of inspections. There’s loads of different materials used regularly on residential structures. Whether you’ve got slate, cedar, rubber, or good ole fashioned shingles, your best bet is to have an inspection done and go with the pros’ recommendation of how frequently to inspect there after.

For a new installation of shingles, depending upon the weather and a few other factors, you should schedule an inspection at least every ten years. Most roofing installations guarantee about 25 years of usage before needing repairs or replacement. In fact, GAF certified contractors include 25 year warranties that include repairs!

Getting an inspection if you’re concerned about the integrity of your home would never be a bad idea. If you don’t know the last time your home was inspected, we highly advise giving us a call. We’ll evaluate the state of your infrastructure and recommend a general timeline for your next one.

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