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Our asphalt shingles, roof trusses, and other supplies come together to give you the sturdiest, best looking roof possible. Don’t waste your time shopping around, go with the best roofers for the best results in town!

If you’re after a roof replacement involving alternate materials, give us a call! We love working with everything from clay tiles to rubber rolls to metal roofing. You can count on us for it all!

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Whether your home needs immediate attention or you’re simply in the brainstorming phases of a shingles roof to replace your cedar shake, we’re the team for you. Every member of our staff prides themselves in remaining flexible in regards to both your time and budget.

We handle everything regarding roofs, from leak repairs to full blown overhauls! Just let us know.

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Every business has their guarantees and performance standards. When signing on a residential roofing project with us you’ll be happy to know we keep to the strict, unrelenting codes of:

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For customers who want to learn more about residential roofing and the different techniques or regulations involved, we’d like to recommend the following articles as well as a bit of information we took the time to gather ourselves. Please let us know if you’ve got any further questions after reading here, our operators love taking the time to inform our potential customers – not to mention the contractors on our teams never hesitate to meet up with you to mull over the details of our business.

Hip Roofing – Popular for a Reason

Hip roofing describesshingles roof repair a style of house or structure where each plane of the top of the building slopes inwards. While this style of build may increase the difficulty when it comes to alignment of the roof trusses, it has some serious advantages that make it worth the effort.

This style of building looks much more appealing, for one. It adds an element of radial symmetry that’s nearly impossible to pull off with the A-frame or gable styles. Each of the slopes typically rise at the same angle, adding a further aspect of uniformity. When seen from any angle, this pyramid like dimension show off the top of the structure. If you’re building a residential home from scratch, this building technique promises to show off whatever sort of shingles or other covering you’ve chosen for the top of the house.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of these sloped styles, hipped roofs come with the benefit of added wind resistance. For this area, that’s a big deal! In hurricanes, these structures will hold up much better than homes with gables, mansards, or flats for their tops.

Homes crafted in this fashion have the upper hand when storms throw other attacks aside from wind. Statistically speaking, angled surfaces handle fallen trees much more effectively than non sloped areas of a structure. That alone can mean the difference between a small repair running you a couple hundred or a massive overhaul leaving an entire segment of your house unusable for months. If you’ve been in the coastal region as long as we have, you’ve seen trees total entire homes, forcing families to collect on the insurance and start the hunt for somewhere new to live.

The disadvantages to this variety minimize themselves when compared to the advantages. On the inside of a home, this design limits the volume of attic or top level space. The various intersections make everything harder to reach, service, and insulate.

Slate Roofing for Homes

Forged from natural slate rock, these dark grey, irregularly colored shingles add a unique touch to any home, they’re especially impressive on large expanses. Many residents with a deeper purse to splurge on their homes choose slate for its uncommon appearance and miscellaneous advantages.

Slate materials come from naturally occurring rock, a major appeal for the eco friendly shopper. In addition, they’re extremely long lasting and require very little upkeep or cleaning. Other notable assets include their extreme resistance to both fire and wind, making them a great choice for residences on the East Coast.

These upsides come with a few trade-offs, as is often the case when shopping options for your home. You’ll need a steep slant to your roof that’s re-enforced. You’ll also need a larger budget to hire the specially trained workers required for installation.

Residential Roofing Prices

The costs and expenses involved in roofing contracts varies so highly that even touching on the subject of pricing opens a can of worms that’s difficult to clean up in an elementary article. We’ll attempt to provide a broad overview of the most emblematic elements discussed when pricing a residential contract in our line of commerce. However, don’t expect to know how much your roof repair, replacement, or installation will amount to after reading this. If you want an accurate estimate, give us a call!

If you’re after an exceedingly financially feasible solution for re roofing a house, there’s nothing that triumphs cheap metal roofing. This alternative roofing material has several things going for it that diminish the cost of installation. The bargain valuation of this variety of roof often get cited as its primary reason for claiming more than 10% of the roof space in the United States.

The materials used in your home improvement contract weigh in heavily on the finalized bill, however its obviously not the only factor in play. If you’re involved in frequently changing the hardware of your home you’ve indubitably encountered the steep differences in price between two or more contracting businesses. Why such the discrepancy? It often comes down to the following components:

  • distinctions in standards of service
  • prices of labor used with different agencies
  • cost of materials
  • whether or not the contractor includes a warranty with their work
  • how much demand their is for the contractor
  • the speed each contractor can complete the job in

To be honest, this small list only scratches the surface of the massive topic of price differentiation between contractors. If you’ve got further questions regarding the costs of your project, please consult with your contractor.