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roofing shingles installation in Wilmington NC

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Roof Shingles

For residential and commercial properties alike, employing the simple yet reliable shingle has been the go to choice for decades. We’ve got loads of experience with shingling – give us a call for a free roofing estimate now!

  • Blazing fast leak repairs
  • Flexible options for every budget
  • Friendly, courteous contractors
  • We work with your schedule


Its a no brainer if you’re in need of the local roofer experts of shingles. We’re ready to tackle your project now, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a date depending on your needs and urgency!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:

After aAnother testimonial pine tree fell through our house we had to live in a hotel. BUT we didn’t even stay the full week that I booked because of how quickly our contractors fixed up the roof. Much thanks guys, I’ll know who to call next time!

-Tom, 2015

JerryFast, affordable, and friendly. There’s not much more to say, these guys are some of the best service people I’ve hired. I couldn’t resist buying them a case of beer when they finished in nearly half the projected time!

-Jerald, 2014

I couldn’tgeneral contracting customer believe how fast the guys at ILM Roofing came and fixed our roof up after the storm. The framework was done after the first day and the shingles only took another two. These guys are FAST and very professional!

-Carrie, 2013

roofing contractor clientAfter breaking my arm attempting to repair our slate roof, I decided it was time to call in a professional. The ILM Roofing crew that was sent to my house did a phenomenal job, and even stifled their laughter at my story.

-Jamal, 2013

The guysshingles customer with ILM Roofing came quick, didn’t waste time, and were able to get to work the very next day to fix our missing shingles. I highly recommend them for their sensibility and fast service!

-Marie, 2015

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For both homeowners and commercial property developers alike, metal roof installations and tin roofing options offer an affordable yet durable roofing solution. Both of these options provide loads of style choices and appearance selections that many roofing clients are unaware of!

For the best information on these two great alternatives, check out our metal roofing page.

Why Roof Shingles?

Even without any knowledge of the materials used in our industry, its simple for you to deduce that roof shingles provide the most practical solution for the widest variety of structures. Any residential neighborhood, aside from apartment complexes, are dominated by shingles – and for good reason!

The primary advantage to covering the top of a structure with shingles involves their modular nature. Rather than one large piece, you have hundreds, sometimes tens of thousands, of tiny pieces. Straight away its effortless to perceive the superiority!

For one, it allows for the roofers to disregard much of the hassle that comes along with other materials when covering homes with diverse geometry and sizes. There’s no huge pieces to work with and everything can be molded to the framework of the trusses and supports. Valleys, peaks, hipped sides… there’s nothing you can’t cover with shingles.

Another advantageous dimension to having many smaller pieces becomes obvious when repairs become necessary. Often with metal roofs, slate, rubber rolls, or flat styles, percussive damage makes repairing a small piece of the structure impossible. Often property owners get forced to opt for an ugly patch, or even worse, have to replace the entire roof completely! Shingles allow roofers to simply complete underlying structural repairs and then patch up or replace the damaged area.

Types of shingles

Yet an additional advantage to the widespread adaptation of shingles is their extreme variety. With the same skill set, one roofer can install dozens of different styles and colors of the same hardware. For clients building a home from the ground up or looking to compliment a new exterior paint job there’s countless options to choose from. There’s almost no style of structure, residential or commercial, that can’t be matched properly with an appropriate set of roofing shingles.

Our roofers dedicate themselves to knowing the ins and outs of our supplies – which means having numerous style options for every sort of building. The contractors on our team pull from dozens of different catalogs and suppliers, meaning you’ll have plenty of different choices to choose from to find something that not only suites your preference, but that compliments the other design characteristics of your home.

What To Ask Your Roofer

For first time homeowners and less experienced contracting clients, getting straightforward answers involving their installations or repairs can seem daunting and maybe even deceiving. One of the pillars of our company ethics is honesty. Don’t ever hesitate to call up both our office staff and the contractor working with you to get real information and honesty answers. If for whatever reason you choose to work with another roofing company in town, consider the following questions to go over with them:

There’s dozens of other points to check on with someone working on your home. Hopefully this short introductory list gives you a few starting points to develop from! When you sign on with ILM Roofing, you can rest assured knowing every detail of your repair will be discussed and elaborated upon before the workers get started. We keep our clients informed because it simplifies the job for both of us!

Roofing Estimate for Repairs and Installations

When it comes to residential repair, especially in the case of a leaky roof, estimates can be a huge factor in determining which contractor to go with. Many clients will get estimates from every company in town before moving forward to fix their home or business. Its important to consider, however, that a low estimate shouldn’t be the primary element to consider when shopping around.

A low estimate doesn’t necessarily mean low quality craftsmanship. For many of the larger contractors in this area, the added work loads allow companies to have more flexible pay rates and of course more options. Estimates from single man teams or smaller groups might be less malleable.

There’s so much to consider when calculating a roofing estimate, its almost impossible to summarize everything here! Consider the sort of repair, what materials are needed, how many man hours, what sort of time frame you’re working with… even the time of year comes into play. Please don’t hesitate to talk things over with your contractor, any legitimate business always encourages their customers to be informed before making a purchase!